Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Darling Aurora

Our darling Aurora led our family heritage into a radical departure from tradition when she married Woolsey Herman Augustus Tinsellbaum III. This raised the aged eyebrows of her grandparents a fraction, but the whole clan proved equal to the occasion, and Woolsey, though he probably would be classed as unusual in every cultural setting, has settled in to our very English domestic circle rather well. Aurora taught him early in their marriage to respond to most enquiries with the words: ‘Yes; that would be lovely’ – and this has stood him in good stead.

In due course, they have become the proud parents of Woolsey Herman Augustus Tinsellbaum IV – known of course as Augustus (or simply Gus to his doting mama), as one Woolsey is quite enough for any family. We did query the wisdom of perpetuating the tradition of all his father’s family names: I wonder if in the fullness of time he will meet and be irresistibly drawn to union with a maiden called something like Wilhemina Henrietta Orbach. Or Wendy Hermione Imelda Caroline Hinkelstein. Who can say? Only time will tell.

Sunday fortnight dear baby Gus is to be received into the Church by baptism at the hands of the Reverend Coleshaw Grimm (yes, Coleshaw is his Christian name. Don’t ask me why). We expect a magnificent congregation drawn from various European connections as well as both sides of the Atlantic (Woolsey’s successful career in international banking has developed a wide sphere of acquaintance as well as a current account twice the dimensions of a medium-sized planet).

Delicacy has prevented us from warning the congregation what they may expect from the preaching ministry of Coleshaw Grimm; it may be that they will be better briefed on hell than on happiness when he has finished with them – but we shall immediately apply sandwiches and hope their memories may be short and forgiving.

Aurora is a conscientious and devoted mother and though Woolsey, being a man, has a little less tenacity, Gus is blessed with the kindest parents a child could desire. He is wonderfully advanced for his age (nearly five months), and is already showing great promise in reading, and playing the piano. When Aurora sends me some snaps of Gus toiling over his books, I will put them here for you to see. In the meantime you must content yourself with this photograph (in the blog post below) of him sitting on his mother’s knee for his daily piano practice. What big hands he has.


  1. Gussy's monocle must have dropped off moments before this picture was taken.